Custom Home Team Draft Picks
Concierge Home Search
Market Research
Offer and Negotiation Strategy
Seamless Close
Custom Home Team Draft Picks

  • Surround yourself with great people and you will have a great experience!
  • I can refer you to lenders who may be a great fit for your needs and goals.
  • A thorough inspector can save you thousands by finding potential problems with a property that you are considering.
  • The title inspector will review the property’s history for issues that you need to be aware of, or that need to be fixed before the home can change hands.
  • Escrow will serve as the coordinator between the different parties once we have a home under contract.
  • I have great resources for all these team members. They are ready to go to work for you!
Concierge Home Search

  • I will interview you to learn about what you are looking for in a home and will tailor your home search to search far and wide for all homes that meet your criteria.
  • When possible, I will preview homes to weed out those that just aren’t a good fit.
  • My strong broker network will keep me apprised of new inventory that is available.
  • If you are open to it, I will also include outside-the-box solutions.
  • If your time is tight, I can act as your “boots-on-the-ground” and tour via Skype or Facetime.
  • Once you have found a home that might be “the one”, I will get all the pertinent paperwork from the listing agent for you to review.
Market Research
  • Our market changes all the time!
  • I will provide you with an idea of what to expect in the market overall, then let you know when I am seeing changes.
  • The number of homes for sale, pendings, and new listings in your price range along with number of buyers provide us with what we need to know about how we should approach an offer.
  • The real estate market works the same as most other markets – it is driven by supply and demand.
  • Opportunities exist in every market!
Offer and Negotiation Strategy
  • I provide transparent offer strategy and clear response options with your end goals in mind.
  • My corporate background and positive problem-solving nature makes me a strong negotiator.

Stats Matter – Over the course of my career (and what is available in the MLS), on transactions where I represented the buyer, they paid an average of 97.42% of list price. That includes everything back to 2000. 

Seamless Close
  • You will be provided a calendar of important deadlines between mutual acceptance and closing.
  • I will provide you with clear guidelines every step of the way.
  • Our homebuying team draft picks will be on your side throughout watching out for your best interests.
  • If we run into hiccups, I have the resources and industry professionals on my side to solve many problems
  • Should there be additional opportunities to negotiate (inspection, appraisal, etc), I will be your advocate.
  • I will coordinate the closing, do a final inspection with you, and get you the keys!